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The Problem with Home Air Conditioning Systems

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Home air conditioning is one of the great modern marvels of the world. Today, unfortunately, this marvel has become quite a hot topic in the discussion of energy savings and how much people are spending to maintain the comfort level in their homes. Almost all home air conditioning systems are inefficient at best, simply because they have to be manually controlled and don’t have the capability to monitor the temperatures in each room or adjust based on climate and other factors. That’s where smart air conditioning comes into play.

Lack of Control

Even newer A/C units that have a digital temperature sensor still only let you control the temperature in the house from a single access point. This is ineffective because depending on the location of the thermostat, it may not be taking accurate readings of the temperature in your home. In other cases, you just might not have as much control over the operation of the unit as you might if you chose to upgrade to a smart system.

With an iZone system, the sensing thermostat is a moving sensor, which does not remain in one location – it constantly moves around the home depending which zones are on and which zone is deemed to be the controlling sensor (the one that is furthest from the requested set point temperature). There are only one or two systems capable of giving this level of control.

If you have just one room or zone on in a home, then the system will only cool that room until it is satisfied or has reached its set point and then just like a single room wall split, will signal the compressor to wind back and ultimately shut down.

Excess Energy Usage

Every time you don’t turn down your thermostat when you leave the house, you’re wasting precious energy. Your home doesn’t care if it’s a cool temperature when you aren’t there, but you aren’t always going to remember to turn it down when you leave. Rather than just paying the bill, you can invest in a smart air conditioning system that you can set on timers, control remotely from anywhere in the world, and even have remind you to adjust the temperature. Some smart systems will even adapt to your habits over time.

Huge Energy Bills

With less control and the inability to monitor exact temperatures throughout the house, you may be wasting a lot more energy than you think. Most people don’t realize that there is a problem with their heating and cooling system until the bill comes in. If you want to avoid that kind of sticker shock, just upgrade to a smart system and save yourself the hassle.

With iZone’s smart air conditioning system, you can guarantee that you are getting the most efficient energy solutions for your home’s cooling needs. The automated controls can be accessed from your smartphone and you can even set daily schedules or temperature changes based on the outdoor climate. This makes it easy to spend less on home air conditioning and solve the inefficiency problem while improving the comfort in your home.

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