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What is a Smart Home?

You wouldn’t be alone if you’re confused by all the ‘smart’ jargon in the industry today. To put it simply, a ‘smart home’ means using the latest technology to make the home more functional, connected and automated. This helps save money on energy costs, improve comfort, add convenience to everyday living, plus make the home a safer one.

iZone’s fully ducted reverse cycle smart air conditioning system gives you the ability to integrate things in your home, like your lights, garage door, entertainment system and roller blinds with your air conditioning; and have them wirelessly controlled from your mobile device.

Why a Smart Home?

There are four very good reasons to invest in a smart home:

  • Cost Savings – approximately 26% of household energy costs can be attributed to air conditioning so a lot of money can be saved by installing a climate control system like iZone. You can control up to 14 different zones with exact temperatures meaning reduced running costs. iZone’s clever sensing thermostat, power monitoring system and iSave feature make it one of the best energy-efficient solutions in the current market.
  • Comfort – it goes without saying, climate control provides the ultimate in comfortable living. No more fighting over what to set the temperature at – everyone in your home can set their own room to any temperature they wish.
  • Convenience – smart homes can make everyday living easier by automating tasks like setting the blinds to close or lights to turn on at a certain time every day.
  • Security – a smart home allows you to easily monitor your home when you’re away. From video doorbells and indoor cameras to automated garage doors, installing an iZone system gives you complete control from the convenience of a mobile device.

Is Installation Easy?

Installing an iZone system is simple and easy and for the most part, self-explanatory and very intuitive. It’s wireless, so there’s no costly labour involved to wire a home. It’s factory configured so just ‘plug and play’. The system is scalable, so those who don’t have a lot of cash up front, have the option to add products over time. It’s one of the most secure systems going around with bespoke hardware and software, removing the need for third party systems. And to top it all off, there’s no ongoing maintenance!

It pays to speak to a reputable company who are experts in the field. To create a smart home is not as expensive as some people think; and custom tiered packages are available. Get on board with the future of smart homes.

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