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Turns any ducted air conditioner into a smart home

Control everything in your home
from your smart device


Control the climate on any budget

The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. It’s far superior to most other systems and as Smart Alec says, “it’s about outsmarting not outspending.”

iZone technology makes life better for you. How cool is that? It wirelessly adjusts temperature, air distribution and airflow to any room in your house from anywhere, anytime.


Fan Speed


Sleep Timer

Air Flow


Save money the smart way

iZone climate control features

iZone climate control

iZone gives you total temperature control of each room individually. With up to 14 zones, every room can be at the temperature you want, all the time. iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.

Individual control over each room

Complete control is at your fingertips


You can control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet. iZone gives you greater control from anywhere anytime for even greater efficiency and savings. Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature. Just ask Smart Alec.


Greater control for greater savings

Our unique control algorithms turn zone dampers into highly accurate airflow monitors that can be automatically adjusted in 5 per cent increments in every zone. That’s ultra-fine control that will maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

Keep everyone happy

Put an end to arguments over the perfect temperature. With iZone, you can have up to 12 touchscreen controllers and/or 14 sensors or zones, so you can set temperatures on a room-by-room basis. Pick a room, pick a temperature.

Automatic adjustment

With wireless wall sensors, iZone monitors and maintains the temperature in real time, in every room, automatically adjusting the airflow when each room hits your ideal temperature.

Spot-on temperatures

Enjoy the temperature you want to within 1.0 degree.* That’s pretty impressive. Other systems often fluctuate by between two and three degrees.

*To achieve the best results, the system must be designed to iZone best practice specifications.

iZone looks as good as your home feels

iZone diffusers, grilles and filters

Our range of elegant diffusers, grilles, switches, sensors and controllers offer just as much choice in how your air-conditioning system looks.

Relax while the smart system does the work

Large range of styles available


iPure. A cleaner, healthier home

Optional iPure natural air filters deliver cleaner air for a healthier home, capturing dust, mould, pet dander, pollen and virus carriers.*

*iPure filter optional

Large range of styles available

Round diffuser

Multi directional diffuser

Louvre faced diffuser

Side wall register

Linear diffuser

Bar grille diffuser

iPure filter

No air leaks,
no wasted dollars

iZone’s patented clip-in spigot and damper system prevents air leakage in the same way as the seal on your fridge door. Every spigot or clip-in damper fitted to iZone’s air network terminals are sealed with foam gaskets to ensure a 100% air-tight seal.

Our R1.5 rated air network terminals are cut to precision on a CNC machine, bonded with commercial grade adhesive, and finally vapour-sealed with reinforced aluminium tape for added strength.

That’s unique. It means we can guarantee no air leaks. And a leak-free air-conditioning system is as efficient and economical as it can be.

Stop money leaking from your ductwork.

Did you know that some plastic fittings leak up to 10% of a system’s air into the roof space! That means higher air-conditioning costs and compromised comfort. But it’s not a problem with our foam-sealed damper blades and fittings.

Air network terminals

Typical 20mm thick R1.5 duct board panel

Thicker insulation for smaller bills
You wouldn’t leave your cool drinks in a thin, poorly insulated metal or plastic box, so why would you run your cold air through thin, poorly insulated metal or plastic air conditioning fittings?

iZone’s air network terminals, starters and fittings are made from thick, aluminum-faced 20mm polyurethane panels for an R1.5 rating, similar to a cooler box. This unique construction dramatically reduces heat transfer, increasing the energy efficiency of your system in both summer and winter.

Real-time Fault Detection
iZone is so reliable, there’s no need for costly control system maintenance. And, in the unlikely event the system encounters an issue, the fault will automatically be detected and recorded, with an in-screen fault notification ensuring we can pinpoint and fix the problem ASAP. iZone is the only system with damper fault detection to alert you to a zone fault, so you’ll never get caught out on that 40-degree day.

Choose your system to suit your budget

Whatever your budget and whichever iZone Smart Air Conditioning system you choose, you’ll enjoy unparalleled home-wide control and comfort, not to mention savings. Year round. Year in. Year out.

Standard Inclusions400405410415420425430435

*Small additional hardware cost for extension module

iZone works with new and existing systems.

iZone works perfectly with all the major reverse-cycle brands. In fact, many of the industry’s leading manufacturers ask us to develop control systems for their next-generation air-conditioning units.

Grow with your lifestyle

It’s ready to go and grow

Your iZone Air Conditioning system is a scalable, plug-and-play solution that’s automation-ready, so you can bolt on a host of iZone Smart Home modules later. Lighting. Entertainment. Irrigation. Security. Power. Garage door. Roller blinds. Monitoring. The works.

No extra cabling, no programming, no on-site computer programmer.

*Actron – Certain Models Only

Greater control for greater savings

iZone Smart Fresh Air

iSave feature

Free, natural night cooling

The iSave night cooling system and iZone will save you thousands of dollars by drawing in cool night air from outside (instead of using your air-con unit) to cool your home in summer.*

*iSave is optional. Requires extra hardware

Economy settings

Channel your inner Scrooge and set lower and upper limits for your system (say, 22 degrees to 24 degrees). Everyone in your home can still adjust the temperature, however the system will only control within the scrooge range set, so you can keep a rein on your energy usage and power bill.

Active Management

iZone’s intelligent sensors will redirect heated or cooled air from one room to another, so rooms reach their set temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible. Other systems use one sensor to modulate the temperature for your whole home.

Roaming Sensor Technology

A iZone climate control system runs your air conditioner from the zone sensors rather than a fixed sensing point in the home. Sensors automatically re allocate the sensing point of the system to the sensor furthest from set point all the time to save on running costs

Fan Auto Control

Leave it to iZone to automatically adjust your system’s fan speed according to how many zones or rooms are actively being heated or cooled. More smart energy savings. No effort required.

Lifestyle favourites

You use your home in different ways on different days, so create up to nine favourite programs to suit your routine. Switch rooms or zones on or off. Do it manually or automatically, on a timer. One touch. Massive savings.

Warning system

iZone’s ‘Clean Me’ Filter Warning System will remind you to clean your air conditioning system filter, once again reducing running costs and prolonging the life of your system.
iZone app nexas horizontal

So smart it even fits your home’s décor

You can customise your home’s interior design with a choice of 8 different controller designs. Choose from a host of colour and customised configurations – simply select the look that suits your home.

iZone Naked, which has no controller on the wall. Use your smart phone or tablet to control your system.

iZone Naked

Smartphone compatible

iZone smart home app

So smart it even fits your home’s décor

You can customise your home’s interior design with a choice of 8 different controller designs. Choose from a host of colour and customised configurations – simply select the look that suits your home.

Smartphone compatible


iZone Naked

iZone Naked, which has no controller on the wall. Use your smart phone or tablet to control your system.

iZone smart home app

Wide range of controllers and accessories

iZone Nano

State-of-the-art 6” touchscreen
Climate control up to 14 zones
Available in black, silver, white and gold

iZone Nexus

Whole-of-home 8” touchscreen
Displays the entire home on the home screen
Climate control up to 14 zones
Available in black, silver, white and gold

iZone Nexus Plus

State-of-the-art 6” touchscreen
Climate control up to 14 zones
Available in black, silver, white and gold


Find out how to improve the climate of your home in an affordable, efficient and effective way with iZone Smart Air Conditioning.

10 years warranty*, Total peace of mind.

Quality is our priority, which is why we’re able to offer a full 10-year warranty*. You can rely on iZone to maximise home-wide comfort while minimising your air conditioning costs.


Download our warranty policy here.

*Conditions apply. Please read full warranty policy to understand how to claim your full 10-year warranty.


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