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Top 5 Amazing Features of Modern Smart Homes


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Smart homes are already here and no longer some far distant concept we can think of as “someday” or “in the future.” Yet, many of us do not realize just how amazing the current range of smart home products really is. Let’s look at just one segment of a smart home to demonstrate the value it offers: the lighting inside and outside of the home.

The Amazing Benefits of Smart Home Lighting

A smart home is usually operated or managed via an array of devices, with mobile phones and tablets two of the most common. Why? It enables you to control the home from anywhere and at any time, which itself is a tremendous benefit. So, that should rate as the top of the list of benefits gleaned from a smart home’s lighting…

  1. Connectivity with lights – Want to turn the lights on and off from anywhere? Smart home products let you do so and will install wirelessly to ensure that there are no problems with connectivity. Need to be sure the lights are on when you arrive home or turn them off once you’re gone? You’re connected and can make it happen.
  2. Cost savings – By allowing you to control lighting at all times, you are going to end any waste on lights that remain on when no one is home or in a room.
  3. Light colours and syncing to music – The best smart home products allow you to sync lights to music or paint the walls with colour to create the ultimate mood or party setting.
  4. Light occupancy – Inside and out, sensors are part of smart home lighting and they can be cued to turn on when no one is in the room, sense movement in the garden or inside the home, and more.
  5. Intensity monitoring – Smart home products can allow your lighting to sync with your body clock and to slowly brighten as you are due to wake in the morning or subtly dim as the bedtime hour draws near.

These are not the only advantages to smart home products to control lighting, and at iZone, you can create a customised and expandable system for smart interior and exterior lighting. The fixtures can integrate with many existing fixtures and allow you to create a remarkable system quickly and easily.

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