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Now’s the time to think about an iZone Smart Home Air Conditioning Solution!

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Many dads, mums and kids are now home together from work and school, which isn’t something we’re used to!  And with the government’s directive to stay indoors, we’re all sharing much more time inside than we normally would.

An iZone Smart Home Air Conditioning System can help families stay more comfortable, as well as conserve energy and reduce costs.


Smarter Zone Control

Up to 14 zones, with wireless sensors ensures you get spot-on temperatures, in every room.


Individual Room Temperature Control

Everyone in your home can get the temperature they want in their own room, so no more arguments!

Greater Control for Greater Savings

The iZone Smart Home Air Conditioning System is highly affordable, efficient and effective.

It lets you control your air conditioning via your smart device so the whole family can live together in perfect harmony. Well sort of…

      • Economy Setting – Sets upper and lower temperature limits to control high energy use.
      • Fan Auto Control – Automatically adjusts the fan speed according to zones opened.
      • Active Temperature Management – Helps room reach their set temperature as quickly as possible, so you get comfortable more quickly.
      • No Air Leak Guarantee – iZone spigots and dampers prevent air leakage, plus their R1.5 rated Air Network Terminals and Fittings are precision-made, so your air conditioning system is as efficient and economical as it can be.
      • iPure Natural Air Filter – deliver cleaner air for a healthier home, capturing dust, mould, pet dander, pollen and virus carriers.

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iZone Smart Home Air Conditioning is Just the Start

With an iZone Smart Air Conditioning system, you can also get the same home-wide,

energy-saving, anytime-anywhere control over the lighting, irrigation, entertainment technology, power and security, not-so-smart appliances, garage door and roller blinds.

      • iZone Smart LED Lights – 80% more energy-efficient and last up to 40,000 hours, minimising your energy bill and saving the planet.
      • iZone Smart Irrigation – Adjust your cycles on the fly, depending on the weather, saving water and money.
      • iZone Smart Plugs – Switch off TVs, turn on kettles or create schedules to save money and time.
      • iZone Voice Control – iZone works with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Kit.

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If you would like to find out more about, please contact iZone or any one of their dealers or partners Australia-wide.

Visit:  www.iZone.com.au

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