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4 Things to Know About Home Automation

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There are many reasons why a homeowner may choose to automate their home, it could be to make things more convenient or it could be for entertainment purposes. However, the most common reason for a majority of homeowners is a worry about safety, security and energy savings. No matter the reason, choosing to home automation doesn’t have to be a tricky process.

Here are 4 things that you should know about home automation:


#1 Know What Technologies Work Together

With so many different products and technologies on the market, it can be a bit confusing for the average consumer. When approaching your home automation, it may be beneficial to pinpoint the things that you absolutely want your system to do, and then move out from there. If you know that you want smart climate control, find the product that meets your need then choose other systems that work with that product.

The compatibility information should be readily available on any of the products that you are considering. If it is not directly on the packaging, you can check the manufacturer’s website for clarification.


#2 Cover the Basics

Not every device that you have in your home is equipped to be “smart.” For instance, the lamps in your living room are probably the traditional kind that requires manually turning them on and off. However, you can upgrade these types of items by using smart plugs. This gives you control over the items and puts them into your automated system. Or why not just replace the lamp with a smart light bulb !


#3 Incorporate What You Already Have

It is quite possible that you already have a lot of the tools that you need to automate your home. Do you have a smartphone? You can get an app that helps you control your connected items. Do you have an Alexa? You can set up voice command for many of your automated home systems (as long as they are smart compliant devices). You can choose to add items that are compatible with the ones that you already own.


#4 Think Ahead

When you are setting up your home automation system, don’t forget to keep one eye on the future. Anticipate the growth and improvements in technologies. You will want to avoid items that are only compatible with themselves. What happens if that company goes under or new technologies are released that your company doesn’t match? Try to keep your automation system as open-ended as possible.


At iZone, we can help you build the home automation system that you desire. Our products are compatible with many different systems including Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Plus, we are always keeping an eye to the future and finding ways to improve your quality of automated life. iZone can work with many other products too so you are never just locked into one technology platform !

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