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Guide to getting started with WiFi controlled Air Conditioning

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If you have ever lived in an apartment or home that did have air conditioning, you know just how important it can be especially in the middle of summer when temperatures are endlessly on the rise. In recent years, air conditioning has been given the smart home upgrade, and your unit can now be added to your system. Many people are discovering the ease of keeping their abode climate controlled using the convenience of their smartphone.

But how does it really work? To help you better understand, we have put together this quick guide to using your WiFi controlled air conditioning system.


Automating Different Types of Air Conditioners

In most homes, there are two main types of air conditioning systems. The house or apartment has either been outfitted with a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, or it has split system air conditioning units. There are other types of air conditioning units like the portable appliance that can be moved from room to room like a space heater.

Both types can easily be automated by smart controllers and added to your WiFi controlled smart home system. The smart controller can be retrofitted to existing air conditioning units but it’s much more efficient to fit them during installation of new air conditioning. You can then begin controlling the unit using the iZone control tablet, your smartphone, or another type of tablet like an iPad.

If you have a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, you will need the iZone Smart Home Climate Control system. This affordable system is state-of-the-art, and it can be retrofitted to your existing air conditioning unit. Plus, it is compatible with all of the leading air conditioning brands.


Using the iZone Smart Home Climate Control System

Once you have installed the system, you can create your ideal settings within your home. By creating “favourite” scenarios, you can schedule your system to match your lifestyle. Plus, you can even keep different rooms on different schedules. No need to cool a room, like the guest room, that is only used sporadically. Plus, the smartphone app allows you to control your settings from anywhere in the world. You will notice that your unit is more energy-efficient when you are only cooling your rooms when and where you need it.


Talk to An Expert

If you are considering upgrading your home to a smart home WiFi controlled air conditioning system, you should discuss your needs with one of our iZone experts. They can help you meet your climate control and all of your other smart home needs. There are a plethora of iZone products available that can help you create an automated home you have always dreamed of. From air conditioning systems to lights that can change into millions of colours to complete control over your household appliances, iZone has the technology you need. Plus, it is also compatible with the items you may already own like Amazon’s Alexa!

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