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5 Cool Automation Ideas for 2019

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The future of the home is in smart technology. People no longer want to live in a household that can’t be easily manipulated or controlled with ease. Smart home technology has grown to encompass security systems, climate control, and just about every other nook and cranny of the household. If you haven’t yet jumped into the world of home automation, let 2019 be your year!

Here are five super cool automation ideas that you can implement in 2019:

# 1 Smart Airconditioning

Airconditiong your home with iZone is the most affordable way to cool or heat your home. iZone specialises in homewide climate control to keep every room or zone at the perfect temperature to save you money. You can even add occupancy control to automatically turn off unwanted zones or rooms that become unoccupied , now that’s smart !


#2 Colour Changing Lights

The iZone smart screw bulb is the perfect way to start (or complete) your home automation. It is easy to set up, and it is energy efficient using 80% less energy than a traditional light bulb. Plus, they last up to 40,000 hours which makes them a high-quality and reliable bulb. You can control these bulbs from anywhere, turning them on and off with your smartphone. However, the thing that makes them so cool is the colour changing ability. You can cycle through 100 shades of white, and you can also change the hue to 16 million different colors. You can make your lighting complement your interior decor scheme or change the colour based on your mood!


#3 Smart Irrigation

This automated irrigation system will give you control over your lawn and garden like never before. You can make sure that your flowers are watered while you are on vacation or you can set schedules and forget about this chore forever! The automated system can also adjust its watering schedule based on the local weather patterns. In order to preserve water and reduce runoff, the system has a “soak & cycle” mode that waters in smaller bursts to allow the water to seep into the soil. These features will show up on your water bill each month so you can be green while saving some green!


#4 Smart Plugs

How many times have you been worried on the way to work thinking that you may have left on the coffee pot, the iron, or your hair straightener? Well, 2019 is the year that you can banish those types of worries. Smart plugs will allow you to turn off these items right from your smartphone. You won’t have to waste a single minute of your year worrying about starting a house fire with your tea kettle!


#5 Smart Security

Beef up your home’s security in 2019 with an iZone smart home security system. You will be able to do all types of things with this system like make sure the garage door is closed from anywhere in the world (and if you left it open, you could close it with the app too!) Plus, you can turn a few lights on and off while on vacation to give the impression that someone is inside the house which is a deterrent to would-be thieves.


Make 2019 the year you upgrade your home with these cool iZone automation products!

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