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4 Smart Home Trends for 2019

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Everyone in the modern world loves convenience. It is why we all basically walk around with tiny computers in our pockets that store every aspect of our lives. This urge to make life more convenient can be seen clearly in the smart home industry.

Modern life is getting easier and easier as these high-tech, smart devices are entering our homes at a rapid rate. People are installing voice-activated entertainment systems and smart climate controllers that can cut energy costs by knowing when to heat and cool.

So what will homeowners be looking for in smart home technology in 2019? We’re glad you asked.

#1 Smart Climate Controllers

Being able to manage the temperature in your home via your voice or with a couple swipes on your cell phone is the most popular of all the smart home technologies.

Your smart climate controller can single out rooms to be warmed to a particular temperature. Plus, it can quit cooling or heating a room that isn’t being occupied. This micro-management of your home’s ecosystem will save you money on your energy bills.

#2 Smart Security Systems

Smart home security systems have been steadily growing in popularity, and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping the upward momentum in 2019. An iZone smart security system can be compatible with the Google Home device.

This pairing gives the security system the ability to be controlled vocally. You can use it to schedule lights to turn on and off when you aren’t at home, or controlling and monitoring your garage door.

#3 Smart Irrigation Systems

Keeping the lawn looking green and lush can be a lot of work, and some of that work means watering the yard. However, if you have a smart irrigation system, you can let that do the work for you.

The voice commands can be used to tell the sprinklers when to water. They also keep you from wasting water because they can be turned off just as easily as turned on.

#4 Voice Assistant Systems

As futuristic and sci-fi as it sounds, a voice assistant in your home is a very real possibility with smart technology. Google Home has a voice assistant option that will spring to life with a simple, “ok Google.”

All of our iZone smart home technology is compatible with the Google Home device, meaning you have a voice assistant that can work everything in your house! This brings all four of these trends together! Think iZone when you need to upgrade your home’s technology.

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