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5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Smart Home Lighting

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Are you still using those inefficient incandescent bulbs? Join the modern world and get LED smart lighting that can be controlled with your smartphone. Light switches are so 2009!

Switching to a smart home lighting system doesn’t simply mean switching your incandescents for LEDs. A smart bulb does more than just light a room.


#1 You Can Dim Them.

Dimming is one of the more basic features of a smart lighting system, but it is something that people love. The dimming effect can be produced without the need to install dimmer switches.

Your bulbs will be connected to an app. After you have screwed them in place, you can use the app to control how much brightness you want to see.


#2 You Can Change Their Colours.

If dimming makes you warm and fuzzy inside, then being able to change the hue of your lighting will really knock your socks off! A lot of the smart bulbs on the market can change colours on demand.

The app of the colour-changing bulbs will allow you to choose from a multitude of colours on the colour wheel. This can be a really fun option, you can choose a colour based on the theme of your house party!


#3 You Can Control Them From Wherever You Are.

While you could schedule your smart bulbs to turn on and off at certain times per day, you can also use the app on your smartphone to control the on/off switch. Even if you are on a beach during your summer vacation, you can still manage your lighting systems.

This is a great feature when traveling because it can make it appear like someone is home.


#4 They Can Save You Money.

LED lights are more energy efficient and last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. That means that the smart home lighting system will save you money on two fronts!

You will buy fewer bulbs over time, due to the longevity of the LED. Plus, you will spend less on your electric bill each month.


#5 They May Even Help You Sleep Better.

Since you can change the colour of the bulbs, you can switch it to a light temperature that stimulates melatonin production in the body. This regulation of melatonin levels can help you sleep at night and also feel more energized during the day.


iZone has lighting system options that may be perfect for you. Check out our full range of smart home products here, and then give us a call, to order your bulbs today!

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