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How to Save Money With Smart Home Systems

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While the initial setup on your smart home may be a little bit more expensive, you will reap the benefits down the road. A “smart” device can save you a lot of money in the long run.


Smart lightbulbs, like the iZone Smart Screw Bulb, are energy-efficient bulbs. LED lights last a very long time. Plus, they use less energy than an old-fashioned incandescent bulb.

The facts are, a 60-watt LED light uses 80% less energy than an equivalent incandescent light. When you add the energy bill savings to the fact that the LED bulb will last 20 years, you can’t deny that smart bulbs are the way to go!

Climate Controllers

To continue on with the cost savings, the next step would be switching to a smart climate controller. These climate controllers don’t just flip the on/off switch on your AC system, they can also make suggestions on how to cut back on your usage.

Sensors can help determine if a room needs to be warmer or cooler based on its occupancy and current temperature. Plus, a smart thermostat can adjust the heating and cooling when you aren’t at home. No longer will the air conditioning run and run trying to keep empty rooms comfortable.

Plugged Devices

Smart power can turn any device into a smart device. Your fans, kettles, irons, and toasters can all be a part of your smart home when you use the iZone Smart Plugs. These plugs can keep you from wasting electricity by leaving your iron plugged in all day (not to mention the fire hazard prevention!)

You won’t have to worry all day at work about whether or not you left the coffee pot on. You can simply use your smart plug to turn it off.


An iZone system for example will monitor 4 to 15 circuits in your home – and then be able to manage your appliances and utilities in such a way that will save you enormous amounts of money.

You will be able to schedule the running on utilities and appliances in the home in a cost-effective way (not all at once – and at the most energy efficient off-peak tariff times).

Furthermore, if you have a solar system, you will be able to divert excess power generated to run A/C or any utility or appliance in such a way that you do not “spend” any money on power consumption.

Use your solar to pre-cool or pre-heat your home when you are generating excess power whilst at work, then switch off the A/C when you get home – saving running your system at peak tariff times of day!

Going smart may be a sizeable investment, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. You don’t have to dive in head first when you make a plan with iZone products. They are compatible in a way that lets you continue to build a system. Talk to one of our representatives, and start saving money with your new smart home.

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