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iZone Smart Irrigation Features

Published on May 14, 2019 - by izone admin

  • Your smart sprinkler controller can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Set between 8 and 24 stations for watering to give you flexibility and loads of customisation options (standard irrigation offers 8 station control).
  • Watering can be set to automatically adjust using IFTTT (a web-based service that connects apps and wifi enabled devices).
  • Pause scheduled watering for a set time when rain is forecasted automatically .
  • Reduce water wastage and run-off using the Soak and Cycle mode, which divides watering time up to enable soaking between watering cycles.
  • Adjust the length of watering times in cooler weather at the push of a single button.
  • Set different watering schedules for different parts of your garden based on location-specific watering needs.
  • Can be connected to an existing 24VAC reticulation system.
  • Importantly, you can reduce your water bill.

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