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The Rise of Voice Activation Technology

voice activation technology

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We’re all familiar with Voice Activation Technology, but smart ‘hands-free’ home control is where the future is headed. With over 146 million smart speaker units sold globally in 2019, they are now the fastest growing consumer technology since the smartphone. We are no longer surprised to find we can talk to our phones, cars, televisions and watches and expect a response.

Pairing a Google, Amazon or Apple smart speaker with a system such as iZone’s Smart Home System, allows voice activation technology to control everything ‘smart’ in a home. From air conditioning and lights to irrigation, roller blinds, entertainment and more.

For some, the lure of combining a smart speaker with a smart home system is all about the convenience. Rather than typing something out on a keyboard or smartphone, or manually completing a task, simple voice command is much more convenient. No more scrolling through menus on a mobile app when other chores are calling. It’s now possible to control everything in a home whilst being completely hands-free.

Basic commands like asking Siri to turn on the air conditioning and more complex tasks to create a scene can also be achieved with iZone’s Smart Home System. With a one-phrase command like “Hey Google, movie time!” the lights can be dimmed, the television turned on and the blinds brought down.

For others with disabilities, impaired vision or reduced motor function, voice activation technology means much more than just convenience. Being able to access digital technology, connected devices and the Internet more readily is now a reality.

Turning on smart lights and unlocking the front door without the need for hands can be life-changing, and with more R&D being spent on voice activation technology year on year, there’s no telling where the future lies for accessible technology, and a more inclusive society that benefits all.

As with all technology, society will always have concerns about the security, and the answer is no different. Privacy, identity fraud, data theft, malware and viruses are all still risks, however, no more of a more risk than a smartphone or laptop.

The good news is, as the technology becomes more sophisticated and integrated into day-to-day life, so too will the security measures. But for now, it’s safe to say the advantages definitely outweigh the concerns.

Discover how iZone can give you total control of your smart home using your voice.

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