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How to Ensure Your Smart Home Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

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A smart home is only as good as its control hub. When choosing which system to invest in, you’ll want to think about how you can incorporate that system with your existing smart technology.

For example, if you’ve already got Alexa or Google Assistant somewhere in the home, you will be able to integrate your new smart home control system with those devices so that you can control everything with your voice. Not all smart home technology offers this, so you’ll need to look for it specifically when you are shopping for your system.

Choose Your Control

Once you have decided on upgrading to a smart home, you will be able to shop around and compare the different products available on the market. Many are designed and marketed specifically to work with products like Amazon Alexa, while others simply offer that functionality as a bonus. Take the time to browse tools that offer the features that you want, including the capability to merge with your favourite personal assistant.

There are some smart home systems that may not directly advertise that they can be used with smart speakers, but they will still have that option when you set them up.

In this case, be sure to follow the instructions of the device carefully to integrate your smart speaker into your control hub. Usually, it’s just a process of integrating the control system, such as the iZone hub, with your other smart devices.

Get iZone for iPhone and Android

The best way to ensure that your iZone smart home automation products work with your Amazon Alexa speaker or Google Assistant is to download the iZone app for your Android device or iPhone and then integrate the app so that it can be controlled by your voice assistant.

The process is simple, like everything at iZone, and is designed to ensure that everyone can have a smart home that’s easy to control, no matter what they have in mind.

As long as you choose a system that says it will work with your smart assistants, you should have no trouble integrating the two. Choose a system that’s already equipped with the capability, along with powerful iPhone and Android apps, such as the iZone smart home control hub that gives you total control of home automation, security, and more.

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