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Things You Need To Know About Planning Your Smart Home

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The advent of home control systems is a pretty wonderful thing, but before you jump right into it, you should know a bit more about proper planning. Though you will also want to work with a reputable supplier of home automation in Perth, there are some initial steps you can take to make your shift to smart house technology easier.

Experts from TIME magazine discovered that most who wish to use home control systems benefit from the following facts:

Wifi Router

It is important to keep the WiFi router in a prominent and easily accessible area. Tucked away and out of sight may feel more aesthetically appealing, but it also weakens the signal, and an unstable signal wreaks havoc on any effort at home automation in Perth. The ideal spot to ensure that all of your smart house technology (whether in the upper levels, lower levels and even almost outdoors) is in the centre of the building on the ground level.

Another Router

Ignore products that promise to extend the range of the WiFi router. There are multiple devices that insist they can be paired to home control systems and effectively extend the range (as well as the power) of the WiFi router or network inside of your home. These too are fraught with problems and best avoided. Instead, just use another router to extend the network – yes, it might slow the system, but is better than a failed signal.


You may opt to hardwire your home. Speak with your provider of home automation in Perth and ask them if they feel your system is going to do better if you have an ethernet or hardwired connection to the Internet. That is a good option for those who have consistent issues with a WiFi option.

Power supply

Remember that you need power. Almost all components in any smart house technology need power supplies. Few home control systems are battery operated, and that means you need lots of outlets and cables to supply the electricity. Go for smart outlets and be sure that you have access to USB ports in some outlets for optimal convenience.

Working with experts in home automation in Perth is going to be a lot easier if you set the stage by prepping your entire home for an introduction to smart house technology and its many amazing benefits.

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