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Take Control of Your Home Climate This Summer With WiFi and 4G

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Thinking about installing ducted air-conditioning this summer ? But worried about just what system to buy and the cost of running such an air-conditioning system ?

With a standard “single thermostat” ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system, you may be right to worry about running costs !

New technology systems now incorporate multiple wireless thermostats to sense and to control, when and how much the air conditioner has to run to optimize the climate in every room of your home. These thermostats are wireless and can be positioned around the home to measure room temperatures, and to regulate airflow in exactly the right proportions to create the ultimate comfort zone.

They can be operated via your mobile phone or tablet both in the home and away from it. So need to come back to a cold home in winter, just set the temperature you want in the rooms you want – as easy as that !

The benefits of a multiple thermostat system over a single thermostat system is twofold. Multiple thermostat systems deliver increased control and comfort as well as significantly lower running costs. The multiple thermostat system delivers the right amount of air to every zone that is operating and only for as long as is needed, meaning greater comfort, control and efficiency.

With 4G control you can turn your air conditioning system on as you leave the office, so you come home to the perfect temperature or in the event you have left the air conditioning on by mistake, you can switch it off remotely to save you money !

Consider these types of systems for new home builds or even a retrofit to an existing ducted reverse cycle system – you will be amazed at how much you can save !

As you can see, there are many benefits to considering smart home tech that can let you have air conditioner WiFi control. Consider how much easier it could make your life, and how much money you might be able to save.

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