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240V AC 1 AMP LED Wireless Blind Module


Roller Blind Motors – Important Please Read !

Please note there are many different blind motor brands, makes and models available, however only certain motors will work with the iZone Roller Blind Module. All roller blind motors used on an iZone roller blind module need to be 240V~50Hz  with a 4 wire connection and suitable for home automation control (Such as C-Bus).  All roller blind motors must be fitted with mechanical stops. Electronic stops will not work correctly.

If the roller blinds are to be run in parallel (more than one blind operated by a single iZone roller blind module) the motors used must be suitable for parallel configuration. If the motors are not suitable for parallel operation you will need to install one iZone roller blind module for each roller blind. You can still operate them as a single blind by grouping the iZone roller blind modules in the configuration menu.

Check with your roller blind supplier to ensure the motors you are using are correct. A list of compatible roller blind motors are listed here. This list is not comprehensive. If you find other models that are suitable please send iZone and email and we will be happy to add them to the appropriate section.

iZone Roller Blind Module

The Roller blind module is hard wired to the mains power and uses wireless RF for the control communication. This module is only suitable for locating indoors however, it can control blinds which have a suitable rating that are located outdoors or in wet areas


Model numbers CACRB
Certification AS/NZS 61058; C Tick N29007;
Power supply Input: 220 – 240VAC 50Hz
Power consumption Maximum 2.35 Watts switched on (no load connected)

Minimum 1.05 Watts switched off

Maximum load 5 Amp
Connection Hard wired
Control frequency 433 MHz
Operating Temperature -20oC to +50oC
Environment Suitable for indoor use only
Requirements An iZone Wi-Fi Bridge (COCB) is required to control an iZone Roller blind module
Size & Weight Height: 150 mm (Excludes mounting lugs and antenna)

Width 85 mm

Depth 36 mm (Excludes Antenna)

Weight 220g

(Designed to fit through a standard 95mm diameter down light hole)

Compatibility Must have 240V, 4 wire motors, with mechanical stops, and suitable for home automation




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