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What You Need to Know About Smart Lighting

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A decade or two ago, the idea of being able to control the lights in your home with just your voice was considered a futuristic space-age sci-fi movie trope. Yet, now you can take that once imaginary power and apply it in your own home with smart lighting.


Smart Lighting 101

Lights that can be controlled via an app or through another WiFi enabled system are called smart lighting. With the app or another system, you have the power to turn your lights on and off, dim or make them brighter, and with the right bulbs, you can even change the colour of the light altogether. In fact, iZone’s smart bulbs allow you to choose from over 100 shades of white and 16 million different colours.

You can schedule your lights to change colour depending on the time of day or what activities you are doing. For instance, you can have bright “sunlight” to wake you up in the mornings, and then have another setting that is ideal for watching Netflix. You can have yet another setting for eating your meals. The customization possibilities are endless.


Needed Systems

The iZone bulbs screw into the regular lighting fixtures that you already own. Ceiling lights, fanlights, and lamps can all use the smart bulbs. Then they can be added to your network using the iZone app or by connecting them to your voice-activated systems like Amazon’s Alexa or your Google Assistant. If your home has WiFi, you already have the most important factor!


Smart Lighting Specifications

The Smart Screw Bulb is more energy-efficient than your standard globes saving you up to 80% in your energy usage. You will get up to 40,000 hours of light from a single bulb, and the built-in temperature sensors will keep the thermal rating of your home at its maximum. These 9-watt bulbs produce 644 lumens.


Take Control of Your Lighting

Using the iZone lighting system will give you control of your ultra-efficient lights from anywhere whether you are sitting on your couch or you are on vacation in the Caribbean. You can sync them to your entertainment system so that they can match up with your music creating a party every time you play a tune. You can even decorate your home in your team’s colours, choosing one of the 16 million that is available, for the day of the big game. There are so many things that you can do with this technology, you will love it from day one.

Talk to one of our smart home experts, and learn how you can upgrade your “dumb” lighting to iZone’s smart lighting technology. You can get the products you need to get the control that you want.

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