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How to Make Your Home Smart – No Cabling Required!

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Many people avoid even looking into smart home technology because they assume that it’s too expensive or that it will require tearing apart their entire home to install cabling and wiring to run all the devices. In reality, that is hardly the case. While you can certainly hardwire a smart home, you don’t have to. Smart devices are designed to be “plug-and-play” compatible, for the most part, which means you can just hook them up and make your home smart right away.

Smart Home Upgrades with No Wires Required

To begin your smart home, you’ll need to choose some kind of a hub from which you want to manage and monitor everything. Smart devices all have their own apps, so a hub is actually optional, but it’s the best choice for easy management if you are installing more than one or two smart features in your home. The good news is that besides any power requirements for hubs, voice-activated speakers (like Alexa or Google Home), you won’t have any cables or wires to worry about.

Climate Control

Smart air conditioning systems go above and beyond the average temperature regulation. These devices can be installed along with sensors placed throughout the home for constant monitoring of the entire home’s temperature. This will not only keep the house more comfortable and temperate, but it can save you a lot on energy costs. If you have more than one temperature zone in the house, these sensors are designed to work together. Some can even learn your preferences and make adjustments automatically.

Smart Lights

If you can change a light bulb, you can install smart lighting. Sure, someday you might want to upgrade and rewire the fixtures, but for the start of your smart home technology, bulbs are enough. You can find all styles and wattages of bulbs available in a “smart” variety that can be automated and managed remotely from an app on your phone or integrated into the aforementioned smart hub in your home.

Smart Plugs

These, again, are plug-and-play devices. The average homeowner can pop in a smart plug in seconds and turn any plug-in device into a smart device instantly. Rather than upgrading all of your lamps and portable electronics, you can spend less than $100 on a few smart plugs and make a lot of great upgrades.

There are dozens of different products on the market today that can help you make your home smart without spending a fortune on cabling. Check out your options and start upgrading today.

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