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iZone 310 talks Panasonic’s language, so you don’t have to.

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iZone 310 provides integrated control over your ducted Panasonic® air conditioning unit, as well as your zoning system. You can now fine-tune home-wide air distribution and your air-conditioning unit’s modes and fan speeds, automatically or manually, from any iZone touch screen in your home. With up to 12 consoles and zones throughout your home, that means maximum control, efficiency and savings.

Master control and temperature-controlled zones
Unlike other systems that aggregate temperature across your home, resulting in wide variations, iZone 310’s master control functionality means you can manage the temperature of your home and the zones within it holistically. What’s more, with temperature sensors on every controller in your home, you can take that control to an even higher level – every room will be at the temperature you want, all the time.

Easy on the eye, as well as your pocket
No ugly wall sensors. No bulky control units. iZone 310 is an elegant touch screen console that you can customise to suit your home’s interior design. Changing the background colours on your screens is as straightforward as choosing the precise temperature you want.

Simple scheduling for set-and-forget use
Create nine ‘favourite’ schedules with the easy-to-use seven-day timer, activating and deactivating modes and the four-setting sleep timer at the touch of a screen.

Future proof, for even more flexibility
Already packed with unique functionality, iZone 310 is also future-proof, ready for a host of future innovations, including our new iPhone app that will turn your phone into a controller. You’ll also have WiFi, 3G and web-based system control, as well as the option of integration with home automation systems.

For more information download the full iZone brochure here or email info@air-stream.com.au

Panasonic is a registered trade mark of Panasonic Corporation of Japan

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