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iZone Smart Lighting Release

smart lighting release

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Airstream have spent 2 years developing the intelligent, wireless, lighting solution which can be installed as a fully integrated system with the iZone air conditioning controller or as an inexpensive standalone smart lighting release system.

Airstream’s latest innovation, iZone 325, integrates your zones and air conditioning unit controls into a single controller, plus comes with fully integrated lighting control.

With iZone Smart Lighting you can control the brightness, warmth and colour from your iZone touchscreen, smart phone or tablet. iZone Smart Lighting is available in common E27 screw, B22 base and Downlight formats. iZone Smart Lighting has a choice of 3 wireless wall switches, all with a built in temperature sensor, occupancy sensor, light intensity sensor and configurable buttons to control the air conditioning or lighting.

A host of special effects are included in the controller including pre-set modes for reading, relaxing, light ramp up speed, holiday, circadian, colour selection, alarm clock and schedules. iZone Smart Lighting can even sync to your music when you’re having a party!

The iZone Smart Lighting system is very simple to install, fitting existing lighting bayonets/sockets. Just replace the light bulb, pair it to the iZone system and you’re in business! No electrician required. The best part is our smart lighting comes built in to the iZone 325 system for free – so all you need to do is add the iZone Smart Lighting bulbs. Fully integrated lighting control can be added to an iZone system in an average home for less than $1,000*. As an LED-based technology, each iZone smart light will only consume 9 Watts of power and can last for up 50,000 hours – that’s about 20 years of use!

(*Incremental estimated cost on top of normal LED light cost, based on a 30 LED light install, no install cost allowed).

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