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Enhance Your Home Lighting with Automation

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Enhance Your Home Lighting with Automation

When it comes to interior design, there are dozens or even hundreds of things to consider. One of those things is lighting. It might seem like a small part of the design, but it plays a huge part in our daily functioning. It can even influence our daily mood. Lighting is important, without a doubt, and one of the best ways to take advantage of that is through the use of automated lighting.


Accent & Decorative Lighting

When you choose a smart lighting system, you can place all of your lights in specific places where they will complement your furniture and illuminate the places that need it most. A chandelier over the dining room is an excellent example of a decorator light that creates a beautiful ambiance. By using a smart system, all you need to do is turn on your favourite mobile device and click a button to turn your lights on or off. Many times, you can even set up specific profiles where the lights immediately turn on the way you would like for whatever you are about to do.


Choosing the Lights

You do need to consider which lights will work best for your needs. Here are a few of the most common, along with information on how they are each unique.



These lights are warmer and softer. They last on average 1000 hours and can be hooked up to a dimmer. These are not the most energy-efficient option, however. Instead, they are bested suited to areas where lighting is only used on occasion, such as outside.

Fluorescent Lighting

This type of light is bright and slightly blue. You may be familiar with these lights from retail stores and professional offices. They are often quite inexpensive and last longer than incandescent lights, typically about 8,000 hours. You’ll find often find these lights in laundry rooms, closets, and pantries in homes.


LED Lights

This type of light is the most energy-efficient and long-lasting. They last much longer than candescent or fluorescent lights, lasting on average 25,000 hours. They also use a significantly less amount of energy than other forms of lighting, and if you were to replace your whole house with LED lights over candescent lights, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill!


Features of LED Lighting

Modern LED lights use an array and take on general lighting, as well. This is a versatile smart lighting system that lets you choose everything from beam angle to color temperature. iZone’s smart LED downlights to allow for over 16 million colors and can be installed very easily, and controlled from any smart device in your home.

LED lights are by far the best option in choosing an automated lighting system for your home. Once these are set up you continue to reap the benefits in energy savings and ease the pressure when receiving the dreaded energy bill.

Automation features

There are many automation features available in quality LED smart lights too:

  • Improvements to home security – set and forget holiday mode
  • Time scheduling – allowing them to be set to come on at certain times of the day and night
  • Integration with IFTTT technology – Geofencing is a good example ie. you could set the lights to come on as you arrive home.
  • Millions of colors and moods, as well as introducing things like circadian rhythms
  • And even occupancy sensing – which was non-existent a few years ago with traditional domestic lights

If you’re interested in smart lighting, iZone can help. We provide apps that will take care of all aspects of your smart home. To learn more, you can find us at www.iZone.com.au.

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