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5 of the Latest and Greatest Smart Home Products

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Has this ever happened to you? You are about 30 minutes away from home, and on the way to work. You have no time to turn around, and you realized you may have left the coffee maker turned on in the kitchen. What to do? In the past, the answer was that you would have to be late or run the risk of a disaster in your home. Today, with smart home automation and the wide array of smart home technology products that worry is a thing of the past. Let’s take some time to look at five of the very latest and greatest of these products.

1. Lighting solutions

A smart lighting system is not only about the most energy efficient bulbs, though that is an important component. It is also about bulbs that do not generate heat and cause your home to use more energy for cooling, as well. One example is the iZone LED lighting control – every light in your home is thermostatically controlled, meaning as conditions in the roof space heat up, light adjusts its temperature to maintain optimal efficiency. They are so smart you can maximise energy efficiency by covering your LED lighting with insulation – unlike other lights with no thermostat, these can’t be covered meaning where every light is installed, you are losing thermal efficiency in your home. Imagine a home with 50 lights – that’s 50 holes in your insulation in your roof to let the warm or cool air escape. Of course, a smart lighting system can be integrated with an array of smart outlets and switches, which we’ll learn about below.

2. Switches

Another innovation in smart home automation is the use of smart switches. These can be for lighting, climate controls and more. They have sensors that allow you to keep temperatures and lighting controlled easily, and with the flick of a switch. The iZone lighting switches even have a light intensity mode that can adjust automatically to changing light conditions, much like the latest Qantas Dreamliner jets, this saves vast amounts of energy as well as improving your feeling of wellbeing.

3. Plugs

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to replace every appliance with new smart home technology products? The good news is that you don’t have to because smart plugs allow you to turn almost any appliance into a smart one. Through the plug you are able to control devices, turning them on or off and even control lighting that might be connected to a smart plug.

4. Garage doors

Did you leave it open? Oh no! Actually, those days are gone thanks to smart home automation and the advent of garage doors that can be controlled from anywhere via the mobile phone.

5. Air purification

Though climate controls are some of the greatest smart home technology products, automated air purification for the entire home is a marvel. Eliminate allergens, dust, and even viruses with the best options.

With options in a smart lighting system and so many other smart home technology products, it just makes sense to start to make your life easier, safer and even healthier using the many solutions in smart home automation.

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