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You asked, we listened!

At iZone, we strive to deliver products and service that will add value to your lifestyle.  Together with our customers, we have developed an updated iZone Home mobile application, which is convenient and easy to use, leaving you with more time to connect with those close to you.   With customised functionalities, you can now become even more energy efficient which will not only make you look smart but feel smart.  Your smartphone can become the remote instrument to control your time, energy savings, security and comfort, with the iZone Home app to suit your lifestyle and needs.


Complete control at the press of a button

A new LOOK, with ADDED features and functionalities!

Not only will you still be able to enjoy all the previous functionalities of the old iZone Home app, but you can now enjoy even more enhanced functions and features:

  • Advanced and updated graphical user interface.
  • Auto login to your account by default.
  • Receive notifications when your smart devices are triggered.
  • Only installed smart devices will be shown. If you don’t have a smart camera installed, this device will be hidden from your list of device categories.
  • Faster and more secure server infrastructure.
  • Your most used smart devices can be pinned to your homepage.
  • Smart device categories for ease of use.
  • Custom rooms can be created to group all your devices in one place.
  • Scenes (previously known as ‘favourites’ and ‘schedules’ on the old iZone Home app) will allow you to schedule the activation of your smart devices.
  • Recipes can be easily created to add to your convenience. When your smart garage door opens, you can create a recipe for your lights to switch on in your home.
  • Updated security to keep your information safe and allow full control over your smart devices only to you as the registered user.
  • Switch easily between multiple locations by linking both sites to a single username.

Add value to your life with these benefits.

  • The iZone Home app offers a user-friendly and accessible platform for managing and controlling smart home devices, making the smart home experience effortless and enjoyable for all users. No need to stand back for your teenager to ‘teach’ you how to use the new iZone Home app. 
  • Favourites and Schedules have been streamlined and is now called Scenes.
  • Enabling notifications when a smart device is triggered within a recipe, which can give you peace of mind when you are away from home. g. receive a notification when your garage door opens. 
  • Quick access to pinned smart devices on your home page, will leave you with more time to spend with friends and family.

Upgrade your quality of life 

for you and your and your family


Let’s get Started!

To get started you will need an iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android mobile device with the latest operating system (iOS 14.1 and higher or Android 8.0 and higher).




A worldwide account stores your system information and enables you to control your iZone system from your mobile device. You don’t need to register for a worldwide account if you have done this previously. 

To register a worldwide account in less than 5 minutes …

  • You need an iZone Smart Hub (formerly called a ‘bridge’) that is paired to your iZone system.
  • make sure you are connected to your local Wifi network on your mobile device
  • select register on your iZone Home app and follow the prompts.

Already registered or not sure you have registered before…

  • Use your email address and password to login
  • Reset your password in case you have forgotten it.


Label your home / office with ease.


On the iZone Home app, label your location.  E.g.  The Jones Family Home.  Location helps you distinguish between different sites where you will be using the iZone Home app such as home and office.



Start creating rooms, pin devices to these rooms and to your home screen.  Scroll down to see how to create these rooms and pin devices.

Complete control
at your fingertips

Let’s get Smart!

Let’s understand categories!

Categories is a pre-defined list of all the smart devices that iZone has to offer which gives you access to the settings for each of your smart devices. The list is setup and ready to be used.  Unused categories will appear as faded and only the smart devices that are connected in your home will appear highlighted.

Let’s pin devices to your home screen.

The ‘pin’ functionality allows for quick access to your most used smart devices. 

Steps to pin a device:

  • Tap on category in the navigation bar or ‘pin device’ on the iZone app home screen.
  • Select the category with the device you want to pin.
  • Select the device you wish to pin.
  • In the top right corner, you’ll see a pin slider, tap on this to activate.

Let’s create a room and pin a device to the room.

The creation of rooms allows you to group and organise different smart devices in your home in a logical manner that will make it easier for you to locate and manage.  If you have several smart devices throughout your home, you will love this functionality.

For instance:  A room can be labelled:  Family room.  When you tap on ‘Family room’ you can view all your smart devices that can be managed in that room (e.g. lights, television, blinds and aircon).


Steps to create a room and pin devices to the room:

  • Select ROOM from the navigation bar.
  • Tap on Create Room.
  • Enter a room name and tap on Save Room to create a new room.
  • Open the room by tapping on the room image.
  • You can customise the room by tapping on the settings icon (cog icon top right).
  • Tap on Assign Photo to change the header image and tap on the back icon (top left).
  • To pin device to a room, select CATEGORY from the navigation menu.
  • Select the device category and then the device from the list.
  • Open the device by tapping on the device name.
  • Tap on the device settings icon (cog top right).

Select the relevant room next to the Room setting.

Let’s create a scene!

A scene allows you to activate and deactivate your smart devices at a scheduled time on selected days.  E.g. Schedule your air condition in certain areas to start at 15:00 during weekdays until 19:00.   

Steps to create a scene:

  1. Select MENU on the navigation bar and select Scenes.
  2. Enter a name for the scene and click Add Device
  3. Tap on the device you want to control with the scene.
  4. Tap on the configuration icon {icon} next to the device you have added to update the settings.
  5. Enter the desired configuration settings for this device and tap on the Back icon {icon} in the top left of the screen.
  6. Tap Add Device if you want to add another device and repeat the above two steps.
  7. Once all the devices have been set, tap on Save Scene.
  8. You will see the recently created scene on the list of scenes.
  9. To schedule this scene, tap on the scene name.
  10. Scroll down to Schedule and tap on Off
  11. Enable the check box and enter the Start, Stop and Repeat schedule for the scene.

Steps to. add a user:

  1. Select MENU from the navigation bar.
  2. Select Account from the menu.
  3. Select your system from the list of Systems.
  4. Tap Invite User under the list of
  5. Enter the new users email address and tap on the Invite
  6. An invitation email will be sent to the new user.
  7. The new user will be required to download the iZone Home app and register a new account.
  8. Once registered, the new user will have access to the home’s smart devices. The new user can synchronise basic profile settings with the owner’s account by following these steps.
    • Select MENU from the navigation bar
    • Select Location from the menu
    • Tap on Settings and select the relevant location
    • Scroll down and tap on Sync from owner

Additional users will therefore receive full access (no locked-out functions) to the iZone Home app.  The master account holder will be able to revoke any users account at any time.

Let’s add another user in your home to control smart devices.

You can add as many household members as you wish to control smart devices in your home and enjoy the comfort of iZone’s products. Only grant access to trusted individuals.

Let’s operate the Air Condition within the iZone Home app!

Operating your air conditioning has never been this easy.  Watch the video below to understand how to effectively operate your air conditioning system.

Let’s control air conditioning zones

Closing and opening your air conditioning zones allows you to control the airflow to a specific area/ zone.

Watch the video below to understand how to effectively open and close a zone on your iZone Home app.


iZone’s ‘How to’ videos are a fast and efficient way to assist you to fully utilise the iZone Home app.  

If you experience any technical difficulties or need further assistance, go to www.izone.com.au and tap on SMART CUSTOMER SUPPORT.