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How a Connected Home Works

A connected home makes life more convenient for the whole family. It allows you to control entertainment, climate, lighting and much more from anywhere, any time.

An iZone connected home gives you better control over many aspects of your property. It can increase the accessibility and safety of your house. Not only that, automated lighting and irrigation systems can provide many benefits associated with having a more efficient home. It can lead to savings in maintenance, water usage and energy costs.

Get a Connected Home with iZone

There are many ways to turn your house into a connected home with iZone. If you are building or planning a new home, this if the perfect time to incorporate smart features. If you’d like to make your existing property a smart home, we can help with that too. iZone can turn any building into a smart-enabled home. You can upgrade your whole property with smart technology or start with one smart element and add more features when you can afford them.

Some of our connected home products include:

  • Smart climate controllers – iZone climate controllers work with both new and existing systems. It allows you full control over your air conditioning system and at the same time maximises its efficiency.
  • Smart lighting – You can control all your lighting fixtures with the use of any mobile device. You can even incorporate movement sensors that will automatically turn lights on when there are people in the room.
  • Smart irrigation – iZone allows you to water your garden with a smart irrigation system. It can save you time, money and water through its automated features.
  • Smart plugs, sensors, and switches – You can connect many of your old appliances to your smart home through iZone’s smart plugs. There’s no need to buy new smart appliances.

With a connected home, you have everything you need at your fingertips. You have full control of your home via smartphones and tablets. Through iZone technology, you can make your home safer and more energy-efficient and enjoy the ultimate in convenient living.

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